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Who We Are
Canadian Integrated Health Services (CIHS) offers comprehensive and diversified care for our patients. The goal of our clinic is to provide exceptional quality patient care while maintaining high ethical standards.

Our approach is to serve our community with integrated health services from alternative therapy and rehabilitative care to proactive education and overall wellness.

To serve our community better, our clinical staff offer services in a variety of languages.

Business Hours
Monday9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Fee Schedule
30 Minute Massage Therapy$50
45 Minute Massage Therapy$70
60 Minute Massage Therapy$90
Inital Chiropractor Visit$75
Subsequent Chiropractic Visit$40
Initial Physiotherapy Visit$90
Subsequent Physiotherapy Visit$70
News & Promotions

CIHS Clinic is growing with the new addition of our Pain Management clinic and our new medical doctor Dr. J. Chen!

We are open at these hours and welcome new walk-ins!

Monday 9:30 – 6

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday  9:30 – 6

Thursday 9:30 – 6

Friday Closed

Saturday 9 – 2


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Uncategorized | May 28, 2014

Spring is just around the corner…

and after this long winter it’s a great opportunity to get outside and get walking. If you have enjoyed taking advantage of the bitter cold winter by cozying up inside and not walking around much, you may find that getting active again takes a toll on your feet, calves, and leg muscles. Custom orthotics give proper support and help your feet maintain their structural balance as you stand, walk, or run. They give you the stability you need to reduce stress and strain on your joints, which can lead to less pain for you now and in the future.

At CIHS, our practitioners thoroughly examine your feet and use the most modern technology to build custom orthotics for your needs. We send out your information to a recognized Canadian processing laboratory where they use modern materials to manufacture your orthotics. Your Canadian-Made orthotics will be available 2-4 weeks after your initial consultation.    

How do I know if I need custom orthotics?

Most of us can benefit from custom orthotics – they offer customized support and cushioning made for your feet and reduce everyday strain and stress. Listed below are some situations where orthotics can really help with back and foot pain. If any of these describes you, contact us for a consultation to see what custom orthotics can do for you.


  • Standing or walking for long periods of time

  • Involved in sports and athletics, or taking part in regular physical activity

  • Prior injury to knees, back, or neck 

  • Diabetic

  • Poor circulation

  • Overweight

  • Foot problems such as bunions, callouses, or flat feet

  • Over the age of 40


Uncategorized | March 6, 2014



Let us show you how

naturopathic medicine, chiropractic care, acupuncture, physiotherapy, and massage therapy

can improve your quality of life by:


  • Getting non-invasive relief for back and joint pain

  • Naturally tackling headaches, stress, anxiety and mood disorders 

  • Helping you eat nutritionally balanced, whole foods that give you a natural energy boost and help trim your waistline

  • Helping you get back to your everyday activities after suffering a sports injury, slip and fall accident, or motor vehicle accident

  • Helping you feel healthier overall – lowering blood pressure, increasing circulation, and relieving tension, AND

  • Answering any other questions you may have about the therapies we offer


This is your time to take control of your health!

Join us on:  Saturday March 1st at 1:00pm
CIHS Clinic, 1585 Markham Road Suite 301


Healthy lunch provided! Free draws for amazing prizes for all registrants!

This is an exclusive event and seats are limited. RSVP Required by Thurs., Feb. 27 2014.

Call 647-350-2447 or email

for more information or to register. 


Uncategorized | January 15, 2014