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Workplace Wellness
Workers suffering low back injuries cost businesses in the US $10-$14 billion in workers' compensation expenses and approximately 100 million work days each year. (National Institute for Health and Safety, 2002) The direct and indirect costs of stress and depression on Canadian businesses are estimated at $33 billion per year. (Global Business and Economic Roundtable on Addiction and Mental Health) Depression-related presenteeism can generate up to 30 times more lost productivity than absenteeism. (Marlowe, 2002)
At CIHS, we believe in a comprehensive, well-rounded approach to improving your health. With the majority of our population spending over 50% of their day at work, it is imperative to address the impact this environment has on one's health.

Our goal at CIHS is to provide a custom program positively impacting the employees' health and the employer's return on investment in both the program and most importantly - the employees.

We provide a wide range of services focusing on physical, mental and social health within the workplace environment: We have held presentations about Workplace Wellness at financial institutions, medical clinics and hospitals, and small businesses. Dr. Marco Capizzano has presented to sports teams about preventing injury and proper training techniques.
To book your Free Lunch & Learn, or to inquire about seminars that we offer, please contact our Clinic Coordinator, Amanda, at